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Steenbergen BV is a logistic service provider that specialises in 24-hour distribution of shipments within the Benelux. In addition, you can always entrust us with shipments for the whole of Europe.

Since its establishment in Bodegraven (the Netherlands) in 1907, Steenbergen BV has developed into a big player in the national and international transport sector, employing over 300 active employees and deploying some 250 transport units by road on a daily basis. As Steenbergen BV has its own fully-certified garage, its fleet of vehicles is in excellent condition at all times. Steenbergen BV’s staff are expert professionals, as the company provides internal and in-service training on the latest safety and quality requirements.


Over many years, we have gained experience in the logistic sector and we have specialised in particular in automotive parcels – and pallet distribution. Additionally, ADR shipments are transported according to the latest requirements.

Its appropriately diversified fleet of vehicles enables Steenbergen b.v. to deliver your shipments correctly in densely populated regions and elsewhere. Its use of a sophisticated planning package enables Steenbergen b.v. to guarantee specified delivery times. But Steenbergen b.v. offers more than just specialised distribution, as it also provides for the storage of your goods. Steenbergen b.v. offers a range of storage locations and has no difficulty in storing all your goods.


Steenbergen b.v.’s headquarters are located in Bodegraven (the Netherlands) and it has 5 establishments distributed across the Netherlands and Belgium. This strategic positioning enables Steenbergen b.v. to deliver all your shipments at the lowest cost throughout the Benelux within 24 hours.

The world of logistics is changing rapidly so we have to combine outstanding services with competitive prices.

Jaap Quist Steenbergen transport b.v.

The positive feedback from the students made it clear what a wonderful training company Steenbergen is [..] knowledge transfer is at a high level here company-wide.

Professional jury 2023Elections for Best Training Company Transport and Logistics

Distribution within the Benelux

The distribution of freight within the Benelux is the top specialty of Steenbergen B.V.. Its business process is designed to collect and deliver goods within 24 hours’ time!

Its strategically positioned establishments enable Steenbergen b.v. to transport shipments to or from the client within 24 hours’ time. The efficient collaboration of the different establishments and a meticulously planned network of shuttle services enables Steenbergen b.v. to guarantee this 24-hour period. Shipments that are collected on Day 1 before 08:00 pm will be delivered on Day 2 between 08:00 am and 05:00 pm. Adapted time periods, if any, pose no problem, as Steenbergen b.v. uses an advanced planning package to easily realise deadline deliveries.

Steenbergen b.v.’s varied fleet of vehicles makes it possible to collect and deliver your shipments at the most diverse locations. Neither are full cargos a problem for Steenbergen b.v..

For more information on delivery and/or collection of your shipments by Steenbergen b.v., please click the link below to make direct contact with one of our employees.

Distribution within Europe

Outside the Benelux, Steenbergen B.V. uses the services of a number of reliable partners to transport shipments to their destination within Europe.

Because Steenbergen b.v. organises the European distribution for its clients, it gives high priority to these partners’ quality and reliability. All qualified partners must comply with Steenbergen b.v.’s quality and performance levels. After many years of cooperation with the different parties, a relationship of trust has developed ensuring high speed delivery.

For more information on delivery and/or collection of your shipments through Steenbergen b.v., please click the link below to make direct contact with one of our employees.


Are you looking for a place to store your goods (including ADR) or are you specifically looking for location to store your tyres? Steenbergen b.v. can effortlessly meet all the client’s requirements!

General storage
With its various storage locations, Steenbergen b.v. can provide storage for all your goods at all times. Steenbergen b.v.’s Dynamic Warehouse System can store a wide range of products. There is no problem delivering products either as full pallets or as loose goods. Clients are also offered real time management of their stocks which enables them to retrieve them through Steenbergen b.v.’s Digital Warehouse System. This digital environment provides the clients with all relevant reporting and functionalities such as stock survey per article and/or location, stocking up or stocking out mutations per period and importing such stock ups or stock outs.

Tyres Hotel
Steenbergen b.v. has put in place its own tyres hotel for storing tyres, including the corresponding functionalities such as storage by registration number, assembly date, tyre type, etc. Regardless of your requirements, Steenbergen b.v. is able to adapt its Dynamic Warehouse System to your wishes. This includes a digital environment for the storage of tyres providing a function to call and follow your stock at all times.

For more information on storing your goods through Steenbergen b.v., please click the link below to make direct contact with one of our employees.

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We collect goods and deliver the next working day within the Benelux. This transport is carried out entirely in-house (with the exception of the Wadden Islands). Outside the Benelux, shipments can be carried out in collaboration with a forwarder.

Certainly, we collect shipments from your own address or from an external location, provided within the Benelux. We can even leave a trailer by appointment, which we will collect every day.

If you send us an overview of the desired services via the contact form, we will contact you within two working days.

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